Deep Streams Steep Dreams

by The Worrisome Ankletrout

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Recorded and mixed on a Macbook with Pro-tools by Studio Neck through a C-1000 microphone and Zoom H4 location recorder in various places in Worcestershire; an attic, a cellar, three bedrooms, two gardens, two living rooms and a floating shed on the River Severn, between 2008 and 2009.

All music and lyrics written and performed by The Worrisome Ankletrout AKA John-Joe Murray on vocals, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion, piano and accordion except djembe and sizzle on Driftwards by Death and percussion on Nailbiter & Yel-lo-Sno with Neck, and on Lost my Way with Jez Mort. Backing vocals on Circle of Fun and vocals on Cockerels at Bedtime by the dawn chorus.

Mixed by Studio Neck and John-Joe Murray in Summer 2009 at Laurel Road and Oldbury Road, Worcester. Released on King Dave Records

Photography by Em Hâf,
Big thanks to... Orly, Em, Ricky and Beckyii, Alan and Abby, Berny and Steve, Kim, Death, Unmistakable Gerald, Htrowduc, Dave, Dudes, Johnny Kowalski, Task in Hand, Sawmill/Steelmill, residents of The Porch, Middle Street and Oldbury Road, Tom, Katie, Eileen, Narcoleptic Penguin, Greg, Johnatronathon Cardong, Kate, Abi, Shane, Phullopium Dude, Andy, Ben, Ed Sfx, Abstract, Craigus and all other family and friends.


released September 20, 2009



all rights reserved


The Worrisome Ankletrout Worcester, UK

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Track Name: Burnt blessings
With a rifle hung over his shoulder, he made his way into the night. And burnt in the sun were the blessings of his love as he left her behind. She swallowed a smile but a tear caught his eye and they both knew the truth was goodbye. With a rifle hung over his shoulder, he gave to a country his life.
Track Name: The Sea
The ebb of the waves keep the moon tied at bay while the sun shoots its fires on the back of the day
The figures of hate are just puppets of hate with their hands tied and blindly being led to the gates

Now as the sea reclaims the land, and the desert spreads its hands there's a storm of hatred forming for the leaders of the gangs fighting over rocks and puss they store, shaking bloody fists and clutching straws, victims of a world that's lost an oar, time to paddle back towards the shore.

Business with TEETH
Economics with CLAWS

The castles of man will return to the sand and the heavens will sing to the sigh of the land
Track Name: Nearly missed the bus
Nearly missed the bus
Had to run for the train
And when we got there they said
We'd have to wait for a day
On the edge of our seats we watched time fly like a plane
Out of the doors we flow, we had to run like the rain

Nearly missed the bus
We only made it .. Just!
They told us you're too late, but we made a fuss
Saw the tigers face
Jumped in an empty seat
Racing versus the clock but we wouldn't be beaten

Ran against the ticking clock to answer to the frantic knock of preplanned opportunity and plausible impossibilities

Time is an enemy to us all
Who wanna speed it up
Clocks hang like spears marking the walls
Of synchronicity
Time is an enemy to us all
Who wanna slow it down
Clocks hang like spears marking the walls
Of eternity
Time is a relative of it all
And relativity
Makes the impossible
Hard to ignore
Track Name: Yello Sno
Isolated the piggy in the middle breathes innocence and knowledge in every breath he takes and the words spin out like little threads it's so simple not to think about it like a child besotted with the moment empowered by emotion to melt this yellow snow and I get hung up on the little things that are moments of distraction
Track Name: Gorgon Slump
Dance with Pan and dice with Death
Separate the ruse from what they tell you
Try to find yourself a God then rattle off to sleep again
Lost in dreams and make belief
Every living word is thought in motion
Visions of a fantasy
A celebrated tormenter

Happy with a cheap heat feast
Best you've had in weeks
Onions and leeks
And freegan sprouts

Grow new nails and paint your face
Salivating over breathing sculptures
Carve yourself a knife that slits
And severs at the apathy
Prod that spot until it pops
Decorate the walls in green and yellow
Find yourself a pot that fits and boil it as the timer ticks

Sucking on your teeth
Singing from the same old song sheets
Treating fools like kings queens thieves
Bored and glum

Listen the squeak squeak squeak
Try to get some cheap deep sleep
Shelter on a cold bleak week in
Gorgon Slump

Nits and ticks and fleas and lice
Sucking at the blood to feed their babies
Rats and slugs and gnats and mice
Wriggle out of every crack
Track Name: Glass Smash Face
Look at the beautiful roses in her hair
They're just glass glass glass in my face
Try to understand the things she said
They're just hard, sharp, shards in my face
Bang in confusion the fragile illusion
Blows like a light bulb burnt out at the fuse
And shattering glass flies in every direction
Severing every vital connection
Crack at the news that the fractured illusions
Blow like a light bulb burnt out at the filament
And shattering glass flies in every direction
Severing every vital connection
And out of the bottle come tears of affection
from bottled up feelings and pent up aggression
Beautiful flowers scorn unwanted attention with blunt hesitation and thorny persuasion
Track Name: Lost my Way
Tell me things I need to know
Not things we both can see
I've heard it from you times before I know your favorite cheese
I hate to say I seem to find you're getting on my nerves.
I know you don't deserve it I'm just getting really bored
Too long just sharing shoes i had to get away, so when she came along I guess I kinda lost my way.
But know you know I kinda wish I hadn't run so soon, I miss your boring anecdotes and times we watched the moon
Too long just sharing shoes i had to get away, so when she came along I guess I kinda lost my way.
Track Name: Strength from the Stars
With a picture of her in his pocket he made his way into the night
The light from the moon was a blessing and the stars were a feast for his eyes. He gazed for a while on her Polaroid smile and alone on the warpath he cried. But the stars and the moon gave him comfort and the strength to confront with the fight.
Track Name: Circle of Fun
I got up on my feet because tired of my seat I had nowhere to go to and people to meet there.
I chanced on a man who told me his plan was to travel the world on a prayer over land no bible he swore just the gifts that he bore in his hands
I took to the road with no map in my load and just followed the sun round and round in a circle of fun.
Track Name: Sirens of war
The sirens of war were a waling and the smoke covered ground like a mist. Face down in a ditch lay a hero in a nightmare of killing and shit..
With a rifle hung over his shoulder, he was sent by a country to die.